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Minneapolis Skyline Buzz Partners


Buzz Partners provides fractional marketing services for the commercial real estate and financial services industries. We offer in-house expertise in marketing, brand strategy, business development and ongoing marketing execution – without the cost of full-time employees.

By leveraging experienced talent across all areas of marketing and communications, your company can improve engagement with existing and prospective clients, excite sponsors/investors, and recruit and retain employees.

Bringing in-house expertise with more flexibility, less cost

After decades working as in-house marketing communications leaders, the Buzz Partners team acts as your part-time in-house strategic partner. We understand the challenges you face and customize our strategies depending upon your specific needs, internal resources, and business goals.

We help bring your company to life online and in-person, engaging prospects through thought-leadership, events, and measurable digital marketing.

We can mentor junior staff, partner with existing vendors, or assist your in-house team when you launch a new fund, service, or company.

Think of us as an extension of your leadership team and a way to take marketing from your plate – and put it onto ours.

Our Story

Where does Buzz Partners come from?

Rather than trying to define marketing, we looked for a simple way to describe the outcome of our partnership with companies. A strong marketing and communication strategy elevates a company’s reputation by using a variety of tools, channels, strategies, and ideas – and the outcome is a “buzz” with clients, employees, and the industry. 

“Creating buzz” means more people know and trust your company and you. And it’s even more effective when marketing partners with sales professionals to drive sales, improving the odds that prospects, investors, or potential employees will take a call or schedule a meeting.

While reflecting the company's collaborative approach, and the outcome clients can expect, the name is also memorable and easy to spell. Bonus points because "Buzz" is also Martha’s husband Brian's longtime nickname.

By partnering with Kristi, Martha has the collaborators that have always driven her career. Kristi brings both the financial acumen and operational experience to complement her marketing expertise. They both thrive on creating business development programs that truly drive business – from events and campaigns to finding the best real estate talent.

The partners bring their own unique skills, but they thrive from common skills in hard work, creative execution, and collaboration.

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