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LinkedIn – How to Get the Right Buzz

Updated: May 17, 2023

LinkedIn allows you to share your personality, authenticity, and knowledge. There are strategies to grow your network organically, get noticed and post great content.

Bragging and oversharing on LinkedIn has ascended to another level. LinkedIn has evolved over the years, and according to a Fortune article, LinkedIn has officially entered its ‘cringe era’ and it’s working. There is a fine line as to when you are posting too much and keeping it professional.

There are specific ways to avoid the appearance of arrogance and bragging. Be careful when you toot your own horn. LinkedIn experts suggest commenting 10 times for every one post you publish. Some other suggestions include creating a story based on an accomplishment and share what others have said about you. Remember, there is no “I” in “team”. Give credit to others by showing sincere appreciation. As you post content, be genuine. Your network will resonate with you when you build a personal connection.

LinkedIn has 850 million users and powerful algorithms are used to weed out what posts get in what feeds. Here are the A, B, C’s.

A. High Quality, Low Quality, or Spam

Content matters! High quality posts are grammatically correct, include strong keywords, and often pose a question to prompt a response. Ask someone you trust to proofread your post. Finally, limit yourself to no more than three hashtags.

B. Engagement

Mention people in your post by tagging them “@”. Interact with anyone who comments on your post. People and pages you follow, as well as groups in which you participate, are important to the LinkedIn algorithm. People tend to read text posts more often than they watch videos. If a video is the appropriate medium for your purpose, be succinct and limit videos to less than 30 seconds.

C. Helpful Tips

LinkedIn wants users to linger on their site. If you feel that you have something constructive to contribute, include a link in a comment rather than in the original post. Share consistently. Add value by elaborating (there is more to say than just Congratulations), and remember quality over quantity when posting content.

For a good laugh and some hilarious posts, check out the Twitter groups @LinkedInFlex (74.5K followers), @TheStateofLinkedIn (284K followers). They are unaffiliated with LinkedIn, and they showcase some humorous posts, and give examples of what “not” to do.

In summary, LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform to attract prospective clients, partners, employees and to grow your network. Expand your presence organically through personalized content and engagement, and you might be the next LinkedInfluencer.


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